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Sustainability – What’s the carbon footprint of an EV? | Polestar – A Deep Dive into the World of Inexperienced Power Automobiles

On this put up, we’re delving deep into the world of Sustainability – What’s the carbon footprint of an EV? | Polestar as we offer you helpful insights, skilled evaluation, and far more on Inexperienced Power Automobiles.

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Behind the Scenes: Ever puzzled what goes on behind the scenes of Sustainability – What’s the carbon footprint of an EV? | Polestar? We’ll take you backstage for an unique have a look at the making of this video, offering you with distinctive insights. Dive into the scientific features of Sustainability – What’s the carbon footprint of an EV? | Polestar and uncover the fascinating world of this video by way of a scientific lens that can pique your curiosity. Potential electrical automobile drivers might marvel if EVs are literally higher for the setting. We take a cradle-to-grave strategy to calculate Polestar Automobiles’ whole carbon footprint.

Discover the whole lot related to electrical driving right here:

Polestar was the primary Automotive model to publish a full Life Cycle Evaluation for its Automobiles, detailing the complete environmental affect of Polestar 2. This research explores the full-life carbon footprint of our electrical Automobiles, from manufacturing, to delivery, to buy and day by day use, and to the automotive’s eventual end-of-life processes. This report reveals the true distinction between EVs and ICE Automobiles when it comes to their environmental affect. EVs might require extra vitality to fabricate, however will use considerably much less all through their total life cycle, particularly if they’re charged with inexperienced vitality. This permits drivers to contribute to lowering their automotive’s general carbon footprint, serving to to make sure they make the extra sustainable selection.

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  1. Thank you Polestar for your honesty regarding the CO2 footprint.
    It was not clear to me, that the CO2 footprint of an EV has such dimensions. It is a big disappointment to me, that I will actually have to drive 120000 km worst-case, and 50000 km best-case, before even getting even with an ICE. Anybody following the situation in Germany, where the charging prices are going through the roof (heading towards 1 EUR per KWH), will know that green energy will certainly not be cheaper, making the best-case scenario very unlikely for most people. All of a sudden I understand people, saying, that if you want to help the environment, don’t get a car at all. Is it likely that the construction CO2 footprint of EV’s will drop noticeably any time soon?

  2. Volvo Polestar is again a sincere, honest company. Someone needed to say this, and of course, people didn't get that from Tesla or VW. I hope people will appreciate it and also hope that Volvo/Polestar will do something good to get a really good carbon footprint car.

  3. How many battery packs are they assuming in one "lifetime" of an EV? That Lithium portion of the pie chart and bar graph just might double and triple. The good news is that battery technology will continue to evolve and these figures ought to improve. However, if every ICE car in the world was replaced with an EV car _today_, we would be immediately worse off, in many ways. All I'm saying is let's get EVs to the point where they're sustainable and practical at mass production scale before throwing shade at efficient ICE cars, like the XC40 (juxtaposed in this LCA). Right now we're just fueling the growth by buying EVs but we're not really doing the environment any favors.

  4. Sharing a car is even more sustainable than a owning one. We can talk about EV's for weeks but as long as humanity feels entitled to own a personal vehicle we as species are very much doomed. We need a system where you pay by the usage and get fined for having a vehicle idle. Only then true sustainability can be achieved.

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