9 Issues You’ll REGRET Not Doing to Your Automobile – A Deep Dive into the World of Auto Upkeep Guidelines

9 Things You’ll REGRET Not Doing to Your Car

On this put up, we’re delving deep into the world of 9 Issues You’ll REGRET Not Doing to Your Automobile as we give you helpful insights, professional evaluation, and rather more on Auto Upkeep Guidelines.

Overview: Our complete 9 Issues You’ll REGRET Not Doing to Your Automobile assessment leaves no stone unturned. Uncover what makes this video a must-watch and whether or not it lives as much as the hype. Be a part of us for a journey again in time to 2020-03-11 16:00:07 as we recap the highlights and key takeaways from this video, staying up-to-date with the most recent developments on this well timed evaluation.

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Behind the Scenes: Ever questioned what goes on behind the scenes of 9 Issues You’ll REGRET Not Doing to Your Automobile? We’ll take you backstage for an unique take a look at the making of this video, offering you with distinctive insights. Dive into the scientific facets of 9 Issues You’ll REGRET Not Doing to Your Automobile and uncover the fascinating world of this video via a scientific lens that may pique your curiosity. Thanks once more to Mobil 1 motor oil for sponsoring final week’s video and internet hosting us at their Engine Take a look at Middle – since we like their merchandise, we have included them on this episode too. Go to AutoZone to seek out the best high-quality Mobil 1 artificial oil for you:

Nice so you bought your first mission automotive, now it’s time to make it possible for it’s prepared for some mods! Earlier than we throw any new bits at our Mazda Miata we wish to make it possible for it’s in good working situation and wholesome. So, we’ll do some fundamental however very vital Upkeep on our mission automotive and you must do the identical. We are going to speak about and present you how one can DIY change your engine oil, coolant, energy steering fluid, diff fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. We’ll additionally cowl air filters, gas filter, belts, and spark plugs. Even when you don’t have a mission automotive these are all routine basic items that you are able to do your self to maintain your automotive working for a very long time and likewise avoid wasting cash!

Cash Pit goes hands-on within the storage with Zach Jobe as he exhibits you the basic rules of how Vehicles work, and how one can apply your DIY information to your very personal mission automotive –all utilizing our very personal 1994 Mazda Miata.

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  1. muffin j lord Avatar

    having only found this channel a few months ago Zach With A Haircut is freaking me out

  2. VenerableRock Avatar

    If you dont have jack stands you can just climb a sidewalk with one side of the car and you will be able to get underneath the car very easily to change the oil

  3. herrbrahms Avatar

    21:27 demonstrates an important point. Try not to break shit while you're fixing your car. Little plastic tabs become brittle due to repeated heat cycling. Thin tabs like this are the worst.

    Yes, it happens to the best of us. No, you don't necessarily have to fix every piece of broken plastic. But eventually you'll break something down there that you'll have to replace, and you'll kick yourself the first time you have to buy a harness from the dealer $$$ which had been fine before you put your meat hooks on it.

  4. Everybody's Best Friend Avatar

    So you're jacking the car up with your head under it. Wow. That's extremely stupid!!!!

  5. CD Avatar

    Holy shit he looks so different with short hair.

  6. Mike Avatar

    Wear safety glasses when changing fuel filter, always.

  7. Kyle Coolage Avatar

    Its weird that all their titles for their videos seem so much like clickbait scam ads, but are actually legit

  8. Tigerfire75 Avatar

    Make sure you buy the right sparkplugs for your engine. If the engine is designed to run best on copper plugs why buy more expensive plugs?

  9. ლუკა Wi-Fi Avatar

    12:15 ყველაზე მაგარი მომენტი

  10. xau Avatar

    how did his hair grow out so fast in the past 3 years, crazy

  11. EpicTacoSenpai Avatar

    These videos maake me appreciate my dad for teaching me things he figured out on his own becuase he never had stuff like this. And this guy shows and talks to me like hes my chill fsther teaching me things. Love this

  12. Beau Johnson Avatar

    Double check to make sure the gasket from the old oil filter is not still on the engine. Saves a lot of heartache.

  13. Pranay Avatar

    I like to add fresh oil with the drain open until the oil runs clear.

    Then I close the drain plug and fill it.

    That way I push out most of the old oil.

  14. höhere Gewalt Avatar

    In Germany, we call doing almost all of this at once a "big service". Small service is almost always just an Oil change, the big service is basically changing spark plugs, brake fluid, air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, oil, brake pads and any other fluids basically. Don't forget the blinker fluid though, that's the most important part.

  15. K G Avatar

    Has anyone used ZMAX? What were your results?

  16. Hamburger HamburgerV2 Avatar

    Don’t buy a car you can’t maintain and fix. Period.

  17. Lesss R Avatar

    Saving cars one video at a time 🫶🏼 love yall

  18. Ивайло Минков Avatar

    wait a sec… -34 Fahrenheit isn't it equal to around +1 degree celsius… I mean, this is above freezing point of water….isn't it?

  19. Maxwell Mwangi Avatar

    Am I the only one who heard butt plugs

  20. limp Avatar

    Another mechanic tip here. It is not critical. But it is good practice to bleed the nipple furthest from the driver or the brake master cylinder. So for USA people who drive seated on the left side of the car :O You would start the bleeding process from the RH rear, then LH rear, RH front and finally LH front and then adjust the fluid level in the reservoir. For RHD vehicles LHR, RHR, LHF, RHF and adjust fluid in reservoir. Check the fluid level in the reservoir after each nipple is bled. Run the engine to get the vacuum going that runs the brake booster. pump the brakes a couple times for an accurate fill line

  21. OK Computer Avatar

    Which of these tips apply to EVs?

  22. Auracle Avatar

    You look like Mister Beast so much wth

  23. Etiene Avatar

    Yo that close up of Eddie's jeans wtf😂😂😂😂I love this channel guys really. I've learnt so much from you guys over the years👍

  24. Etiene Avatar

    Yo dude what happened to your hair man😱

  25. Git Memed Avatar

    Thoughts on water as an emergency coolant?

  26. Adam Liwiński Avatar
  27. fakiirification Avatar

    pro tip. take the oil cap off after you remove the drain plug. the vacuum will help avoid a mess when you first get the plug out.

  28. Vonta DaVinci Avatar

    This channel is gold !! Loving the new guy

  29. momma_ fit Avatar

    when replacing spark plugs, if they have a wire, DO NOT GAP THEM as it will break the wire and thus the spark plug.

  30. Ach Yonah was WCK Avatar

    I love how you pick one of the rare cars that have a transmission drain plug. GET DIRTY MAN!!!! Pull a pan like 99.9% are 🤷

  31. Lars Ekman Avatar

    So, if the manual gear box demands GL4, whatabout the GL4/GL5 spec then?

  32. Dc_ Nono_ Avatar

    My Bike has to get its oil changed after every ride and its piston after every 20 hours of use…. thats pain

  33. Solaf 1433 Avatar

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