Prime 10 Errors Automotive Homeowners Make – A Deep Dive into the World of Auto Upkeep Guidelines

Top 10 Mistakes Car Owners Make

On this put up, we’re delving deep into the world of Prime 10 Errors Automotive Homeowners Make as we offer you priceless insights, professional evaluation, and far more on Auto Upkeep Guidelines.

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Tire Air Stress Gauge I used:

Prime 10 Automotive Cleansing Errors:

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21 responses to “Prime 10 Errors Automotive Homeowners Make – A Deep Dive into the World of Auto Upkeep Guidelines”

  1. The Catalyst Avatar

    Tire Alignment. Do it.
    Or your tires will have ridiculously uneven wear as seen in this video.

  2. TunedPonyRC - The_Zippy_EK Avatar

    Chris when I bought my 97 Civic. It had no owners manual. Luckily I learned the ins and outs of it thanks to a friend of mine and my dad who are really knowledgeable with 90s Hondas

  3. haytham hossaibi Avatar

    Mistake #11 people not changing fuel filter when maintaining their car Mistake #12 people not checking the air filter if it's clogged or not

  4. haytham hossaibi Avatar

    Giving 10-15 s in a newer engine will waste gas, even you rev up the dry engine, the oil pump spins and pushes a lot of pressure

  5. Leo Sheppard Avatar

    Aussie fuel… premium fuel has less sulphur then regular. I’m told less sulphur in the air is good for human health.

  6. Violeta Ivanova Avatar

    I do it my dad turns on the car lets it stay for 1 minute

  7. RS 1990 Avatar

    In Australia & New Zealand, the octane ratings for unleaded fuel are 91 (standard), 95 (intermediate) and 98 (premium).
    I currently drive a Hyundai i30 and I usually fill up with U91 at the cheapest price wherever possible and when the tank is half-full to save money but U98 once a month.
    By the way, I tried using fuel with ethanol and proved it would be more environmentally friendly but unbeknownst to myself, the revs fluctuated and the 'Check Engine' light blinked which is a sure sign that you must stop driving before it becomes a major problem.

  8. Slim Tortoise Avatar

    Yet you push fuel additives money talks eh.

  9. ZachRat Avatar

    Another really important one is always using the emergency brake when parking on an incline or decline. No need to stress out the transmission and get that big "clunk" when you put it in drive. Put the car in neutral, pull e-brake, release regular brake so the car falls back on to it, THEN put it in park. I basically do it every time now regardless just out of habit.

  10. RodneyJ Hackenflash Avatar

    Well, Chris, I switched from OEM recommended 87 fuel to 91 three years ago.
    1. PERFORMANCE enhancement is incredible; way better than when new.
    2. MPG went from almost 20 mpg to 23 mpg. Love your videos.

  11. John Schaefer Avatar

    Chris great videos. I live in a low traffic development when I Star my vehicles up living on a 2 block dead end I let the car idle in the driveway for 30 seconds. I then put it in drive and god down the street without my foot on the gas. When I turn to the next road which is 3 blocks to the development exit if it’s traffic free again I go the next 3 blocks without stepping on the gas. By the time I get to the exit and main road the engine has warmed up nicely including the transmission. Then I’m ready to hit the regular traffic. Got a 2004 Jeep Wrangler LJ that I bought 5 years ago with 32,000 miles that now has 65,000 miles. Bought a 2001 Honda Accord 2 years ago with 82,000 miles that now has 89,000 miles. Keep up with the maintenance on bot and both purr like kittens. I believe that starting my trips in this fashion have lent to them staying trouble free. I’ll also add that I drive very conservatively. I’m 64 and even since I was in HS my friends chastised me for driving like a Nun but who cares all my rides have been good to me ever since!

  12. Brian Avatar

    Some of the biggest mistakes I see people make:
    – they use the wrong type of oil
    – they never check the radiator
    – they falsely assume the fuel octanes are a reference to how fuel efficient it will make their car
    – they overfill the fuel tank

  13. Sunil Ayya Avatar

    Manufacturer recommended oil change intervals are too long especially if you drive short distances and rarely use the freeway. 5000km or six monthly intervals are the best bet. Cost of oil is nothing in comparison to a worn engine.

  14. ERR Avatar

    Throwback to when Chris uploaded weekly. Now its every few months. Still great content tho

  15. Mike rotch Avatar

    I’ve never strating driving on a cold engine I see people start their car and drive immediately in -20c it makes me cringe I will

  16. Valve Trains&Block Avatar

    I always leave my engine left about AN HOUR so i can have time with my friends,family and even safety of the car

  17. Aaron Molasky Avatar

    Thanks omg so helpful keep up what u teach and share 💋👍

  18. 15"SNAKE Avatar

    15000 miles oil change is a no even 8 year later

  19. Kemchi Avatar

    Man, this was chrisfix 8 years ago. Weird to not hear him say HEY GUYS Chrisfix here

  20. WobbleStars Avatar

    I have a 15 year old car and when the engine is cold the rpm is really unsteady. Not sure if anything is wrong but after like half a minute of starting it goes smooth again and has no problems running whatsoever

  21. Awanook Avatar

    Sounds so weird hearing Chris talk like this🤣

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