Toyota Security Sense 2.5 and a couple of.5+ Overview | Toyota – A Deep Dive into the World of Automotive Security Options

On this submit, we’re delving deep into the world of Toyota Security Sense 2.5 and a couple of.5+ Overview | Toyota as we offer you priceless insights, skilled evaluation, and rather more on Automotive Security Options.

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Toyota Security Sense is a set of lively security applied sciences and superior driver help methods designed to assist deal with three key areas of accident safety: stopping or mitigating frontal collisions, preserving drivers inside their lane, and enhancing highway security throughout nighttime driving.

00:00 Overview: Toyota Security Sense 2.5/2.5+
00:44 Pre-Collision System
01:53 Lane Departure Alert
02:34 Automated Excessive Beams
02:56 Dynamic Radar Cruise Management
03:42 Lane Tracing Help
04:10 Street Signal Help

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This video supplies an outline of Toyota Security Sense 2.5 and a couple of.5+ lively security methods.

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26 responses to “Toyota Security Sense 2.5 and a couple of.5+ Overview | Toyota – A Deep Dive into the World of Automotive Security Options”

  1. 罗志锋 Avatar

    The Camry I bought in 2022 has a congenital defect in the automatic follow-up function! It will sense the car in front and follow the car! Will slow down and stop at the red light! My car slows down and approaches the arrow car! The system suddenly cancels the car following function! Several times almost caused a rear-end accident! I went to 4s after-sales several times! It was the first time to tell me that the system did not report a fault! The inspection fee is 270 knives 😂 No inspection! The second maintenance worker is inspected: the worker inspects for two and a half hours! The system shows no faults! There is a problem with actual driving! Unable to maintain! Ask him why: squeak! (He said I don’t know why 😂😂! Maybe your car doesn’t have this function😂😂 (the 2022 model doesn’t have the TSS function😂!?) Maybe it’s due to a shortage of chips at the factory! Some things are missing (anyway, the computer can’t detect the problem Finally helpless: they didn’t dare to charge the test fee! Called the dealer countless times and asked the LA 😂 test by driving for eight hours! Asked: at least three days back and forth, travel expenses! Lost work, board and lodging! No reply! Finally reply to you Please ask a lawyer to send a lawyer’s letter😅😅! Finally, think about the complicated and troublesome process of obtaining evidence! I can’t stand the nausea and sell it cheaply! Personal feelings are very uncomfortable (as a die-hard fan: I have driven various models of Toyota for 30 years! 😅

  2. Bo Gao Avatar

    I use adaptive cruise control everyday and I like it at the beginning. but I got rear ended collision last week. On the slow highway my car was set to 68mph with adaptive cruise control enabled . When the traffic ahead of me slowed down aggressively and my car then gave me a alert to ask me brake. I braked so hard to a full stop but the car behind me hit my rear. The Toyota adaptive cruise control could be better and look far ahead and brake more gently and do not ask driver to brake.

  3. GreyWolf Avatar

    Is it suitable for toyota chr 2017?

  4. T- Pham Avatar

    Which TSS does RA4 Hybrid Limited 2023 have? Please let me know!

  5. Rodge Rollins Avatar

    A Prius was about to T-Bone me (distracted driver was looking up through moonroof) The Prius stopped itself before crashing into me. My life would have been changed forever had the TSS system not worked so well. A horrible crash was avoided.

  6. trave764 Avatar

    So does Corolla Cross XLE in the US not have front camera? And it does not indicate pedestrian warning. Yes, it has the back camera and all the warning signs, but I dont see any assistance with front pedestrian assistance. How do you turn it on? And where does the pedestrian sign appear?

  7. B H Avatar

    Absolutely love this technology! It is incredible how much better you feel knowing you, your loved ones and everyone around you is going to arrive at their destination safely.

    Toyota for life.

  8. Saumya Cow Avatar

    I have a couple of scenarios which are from real life accidents (each wrote off a car)

    1. The driver approaches a traffic light intersection, gets distracted for a moment (looking behind prior to changing lane). Crosses the intersection just after the light turns red and another car comes past resulting in a T-bone. Will Safety Sense see this coming? How far to the side does it look?

    2. The driver is driving down a street with poor center line markings. Sun ahead. Deep shadows. Driver focused on oncoming traffic. Doesn't notice a utility vehicle with a trailer parked on the side of the road (there's no marking for a parking lane and the road is too narrow for safe parking). The car just clips the corner of the trailer by a few inches – but enough to write it off. Will Safety Sense react to to a collision with a trailer where the overlap is only a matter of inches? Again, how far to the side does it consider a threat?

  9. Roger Avatar

    Umm?? How actuate & proven are all these safety sensors in real time?? My cousins Nissan went completely out of control because there was a malfunction with the entire safety system & the car was driving out of control with him pretty much trapped inside the car! & this is becoming common with many car manufacturers…

  10. Benri Avatar

    I want to see how it really works on the road. Was not impressed with the 2022 Prius

  11. ThePrivateGamer Avatar

    My toyota corolla 2022 dynamic sedan from Europe has TSS 2.5+?

  12. Mr no one Avatar

    So the only way to update as to buy new corolla that comes out each year’s

  13. Just Cade Avatar

    I’m glad that features like this are becoming more standard on cars in the $20-35k, I feel much safer knowing that I am paying attention to the road and so is my car. As someone who has to drive a long distance at night after work (sometimes after a long shift), systems like this are great for those times when I can barely stay awake.

  14. Read 1Kings18 Avatar

    Maybe version 4.0 will add night vision? That would be cool to see through fog or other poor driving conditions.

  15. Zero2Sixty Avatar

    The systems on the 2021 Camry SE had me bouncing in and out of the lane with lane tracing/keeping. The alerts for forward collision seemed late too

  16. Jorge M. Avatar

    Hello, Toyota.
    I have a question.
    I am from Mexico and planning on purchasing a Camry XLE Hybrid here.
    They claim to have Toyota Safety Sense 2.5, however, these Hybrid Camry doesn't have the camera behind the windshield as shown in the video, aka PCS. It only comes with the millimeter radar in the Toyota logo at the grill.
    Is the TSS 2.5 incomplete for models sold on certain markets? As far as I know, the Camry sold in Mexico is made in the US.
    Thanks in advance.

  17. JoeCnNd Avatar

    Pretty soon our cars are going to give us speeding tickets.

  18. Kerlin Murillo Avatar

    el toyota corolla 2015 lleva este sistema???

  19. Bob Dole Avatar

    can i install this on my '98 rav4?

  20. water7apple Avatar

    I wonder if there are more consistent software updates that Toyota could be provided to these safety systems that would improve functionality, fix issues, and etc. I must admit I haven't received a system update on my 2018 Camry in over a year.

  21. Russell Henning Avatar

    Do all these features come standard on any new Toyota model?

  22. QuantStyle Avatar

    can you use DRCC in traffic? Can it handle the stop and go traffic on its own?

  23. Laura Dee Avatar

    Will all year models with Safety Sense 2.0 be upgraded with 2.5? If this newer version has to do with safety and possibly saving lives, it would make sense that my 2019 RAV4 should be able to handle a 2.5 software upgrade.

  24. TONY ROCK Avatar
  25. somedood Avatar

    Need a pothole avoidance system in the 3.0 version.
    Damn I have to have that in my city.

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