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Hyundai and Kia transfer EV motors nearer to the wheels however not in them Unveiled: Uncover Auto Excellence at Autoxyon

On this fascinating article, we delve into Hyundai and Kia transfer EV motors nearer to the wheels however not in them, a masterpiece crafted by (Stephen Edelstein) and printed on 2023-11-30 14:30:00. Discover the world of Auto Excellence and uncover what units Autoxyon aside.

Hyundai and Kia on Wednesday unveiled a brand new EV motor design that splits the distinction between typical motors and in-wheel motors.

Dubbed the Common Wheel Drive System—or Uni Wheel for brief—this design strikes motors nearer to the wheels however not into them.  That is made attainable by a planetary gear set with a central solar gear, 4 pinion gears on all sides, and a surrounding ring gear related to the wheel.

The motor spins the solar gear, which transmits energy via the pinion gears to show the ring gear, and thus the wheel. This association replaces the discount gears utilized in typical EVs, nonetheless permitting the motor to spin many occasions for every rotation of the pushed wheel.

EVs” alt=”Hyundai and Kia Uni Wheel drive system for EVs” width=”640″ top=”426″ class=”first_image lazy” data-width=”1024″ data-height=”682″ data-url=”https://photos.hgmsites.web/lrg/hyundai-and-kia-uni-wheel-drive-system-for-evs_100907843_l.webp” src-h=”https://photos.hgmsites.web/hug/hyundai-and-kia-uni-wheel-drive-system-for-evs_100907843_h.webp” src=”https://photos.hgmsites.web/lrg/hyundai-and-kia-uni-wheel-drive-system-for-evs_100907843_l.webp” src-l=”https://photos.hgmsites.web/lrg/hyundai-and-kia-uni-wheel-drive-system-for-evs_100907843_l.webp” src-m=”https://photos.hgmsites.web/med/hyundai-and-kia-uni-wheel-drive-system-for-evs_100907843_m.webp” src-s=”https://photos.hgmsites.web/sml/hyundai-and-kia-uni-wheel-drive-system-for-evs_100907843_s.webp”/>

Hyundai and Kia Uni Wheel drive system for EVs

Hyundai and Kia declare the Uni Wheel can unlock further inside area by transferring elements nearer to the wheels, whereas enhancing effectivity and sturdiness by eliminating CV joints. And it is configured in a method in order to keep away from the issues about unsprung mass which have given engineers pause relating to in-wheel motors, the automakers declare, including that the Uni Wheel will be mixed with an electronically-adjustable air suspension.

The Uni Wheel setup additionally permits for a better discount ratio, delivering sufficient torque with extra compact motors, Hyundai and Kia declare. It permits for as much as 4 motors with torque vectoring, however this begs the query of whether or not 4 separate motors could be higher than simply two (or one). That is one which Rivian has confronted—in reassessing the Quad Motor format it initially emphasised.

EVs” alt=”Hyundai and Kia Uni Wheel drive system for EVs” width=”640″ top=”427″ data-width=”1024″ data-height=”683″ data-url=”https://photos.hgmsites.web/lrg/hyundai-and-kia-uni-wheel-drive-system-for-evs_100907844_l.webp” src-h=”https://photos.hgmsites.web/hug/hyundai-and-kia-uni-wheel-drive-system-for-evs_100907844_h.webp” src=”https://photos.hgmsites.web/lrg/hyundai-and-kia-uni-wheel-drive-system-for-evs_100907844_l.webp” src-l=”https://photos.hgmsites.web/lrg/hyundai-and-kia-uni-wheel-drive-system-for-evs_100907844_l.webp” src-m=”https://photos.hgmsites.web/med/hyundai-and-kia-uni-wheel-drive-system-for-evs_100907844_m.webp” src-s=”https://photos.hgmsites.web/sml/hyundai-and-kia-uni-wheel-drive-system-for-evs_100907844_s.webp” class=”lazy”/>

Hyundai and Kia Uni Wheel drive system for EVs

The Uni-Wheel could be part of a future EV structure that really maximizes area—one thing the manufacturers already made plenty of progress towards of their shared E-GMP platform for present EVs. Hyundai stopped creating gasoline powertrains in 2021, so it is doubtless been pivoting to options like this that might be scaled as much as the identical stage.

Hyundai would not straight level to this resolution with its e-Nook maneuverability tech—which additionally depends on motors positioned on the corners of the car—however it looks as if the subsequent step.

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