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Why We Hate Physique Lifts || From The Inbox – A Deep Dive into the World of Truck Equipment Information

On this submit, we’re delving deep into the world of Why We Hate Physique Lifts || From The Inbox as we offer you useful insights, professional evaluation, and rather more on Truck Equipment Information.

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  1. Extending is not too much of a problem as everyone labels it. Soldering wires to extend , brackets, raising bumpers, filling gaps with covers isn’t that bad. Beats permanently destroying your vehicle with suspension alterations

  2. I have a 2" lift on a Mk3 Hilux – Twin axle & it is the best thing to do….
    Makes working on the truck so much easier, you can get your hand around the bell housing & it does nothing to the drive, set up or anything else..!

  3. i have a 1995 dodge ram 1500 base model rwd with the 5.9 magnum i’ve been searching for a lift but all i’ve been able to find is the 3 for the front and i wanna say it’s a 2 or a 2.5 for the rear and im wanting at least 6 so in my situation im conflicted between going for that or going the more difficult way and figuring out a way to run a different style lift i’ve been searching for other opinions and to see if anyone has done it but all i’ve been able to find is videos on the 4wd spec of my truck

  4. I hope yall realize that those suspension lifts on the Chevrolets do not add any suspension travel to the rig. Neither does a body lift of course. But a 2-3 inch body lift done properly and gaps hidden will ALWAYS ride better and me MORE reliable that a GM IFS with torsion keys. Ask me how i know. Ive been through 3 CV axles in 10k miles.

  5. Just got a lift on 2004 Monte Carlo SS. 3inch lift. But now they are saying I have to drop differential. Installed loaded struts. Now when I go feels like axle not turning right. Can u help on what I need to do now?

  6. I watched the whole video to see where you went with it. I also get who most of your customers are and I see your points in-context. especially since some of the body lifts truck bros do is straight ghetto like welding 6in iron pipes and ikea grade hardware.

    My POV, as an off roader, 1 and 2 inch body lifts can have advantages. usually by doing a mix of body and sus lift you can fit the tire you need while keeping COG a little lower and having more travel because your coils or torsion bars arent as cranked. Jeeps and toyotas have tons of aftermarket and good front sus but for everybody else a bunch of their trucks came with like 5in of front end travel from the factory. a 3in lift out of 5 available leaves you with just enough travel for a basic pothole. a reasonable solution for this would be 2in body lift and only 1in sus lift. yes a sus lift has more ground clearance but I would rather bang and scrape than tip over because I climbed rock with the suspension travel of a miata.

    also a common mis conception, body lifts actually have lower COG than the same size sus lift because only the body was lifted.

  7. I have a 07 nbs that I will be doing a 3.5 full suspension by rough country and other appropriate mods like angle on driveshaft, extended cv shafts, fender liners, flares, 11 inch wide tires on 9 inch wide 17inch rims by ultra. It's already clean right now with stock rake but I want to do a little bit of mods to make it better

  8. Body lifts can also potentially cause head gasket failure and major engine damage due to putting the radiator and radiator fan out of alignment due to body lift bodge ups where the radiator fan cowling is partially removed in order to get the fan blades to clear.

  9. Well im convinced, convinced ill never buy anything from custom offsets. Your lack of understanding of body lifts, and how newer vehicles work is concerning, and most of your reasons are either false, and they are already solved by parts that are often sold with the body lift.

  10. I had an ‘87 Bronco Fullsize. When I bought it, it had an 4 inch suspension with a 3 inch body. Another thing to add to your points is not to have a body lift would be the radiator fan shroud, radiator itself and the fan do not correctly line up. Mine had a shroud that was in two pieces, so the bottom half was left off. This could cause overheating issues for some vehicles. (Mine didn’t ) Yes, some come with factory electric fans and others can be added, but this is just one more thing to worry about with a body lift.

  11. Body Lift doesn't cost enough to pay for advertising. Funny he keeps mentioning K1500s
    OBS Suburban body lift/35s. Transports wild land fire fighters and hunters. What about CG?? Body's more dangerous? We drive by the 10 in lifted mall cruisers lying on their side going to work.. Saved enough to buy 2 guns. Always about the money.

  12. With the new independent suspension it put alot of ware on front end parts with a suspension lift so for street truck it's really apples to oranges go to tractor pulls an see witch one drops the drive train out first jus saying

  13. I'll tell you why I'll never use a body lift again. The main reason you should have stated is that by raising the body you loose a lot of the rigidity in the frame that is given by the body being mounted close to the frame. My 86 f150 was destroyed inside of six years cause of a body lift.

  14. If they did there body lift the right way everything would line back up like it was factory … But no instead they get the blocks in and mounted and call it a day. The point of it is they were done right it would look right

  15. I have a 1999 lincoln navagator that i qant to raise i cant seem to find a suspension lift so as much as i hate them too only option is a body lift if you sell a suspension lift for my trk plse send me the info thks

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