Why Germany Ought to Fear About China’s EV Enlargement 🇨🇳 – A Deep Dive into the World of Inexperienced Power Automobiles

Why Germany Should Worry About China’s EV Expansion 🇨🇳

On this put up, we’re delving deep into the world of Why Germany Ought to Fear About China’s EV Enlargement 🇨🇳 as we give you beneficial insights, professional evaluation, and far more on Inexperienced Power Automobiles.

Assessment: Our complete Why Germany Ought to Fear About China’s EV Enlargement 🇨🇳 evaluation leaves no stone unturned. Uncover what makes this video a must-watch and whether or not it lives as much as the hype. Be a part of us for a journey again in time to 2022-11-26 09:30:09 as we recap the highlights and key takeaways from this video, staying up-to-date with the newest developments on this well timed evaluation.

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Behind the Scenes: Ever questioned what goes on behind the scenes of Why Germany Ought to Fear About China’s EV Enlargement 🇨🇳? We’ll take you backstage for an unique have a look at the making of this video, offering you with distinctive insights. Dive into the scientific points of Why Germany Ought to Fear About China’s EV Enlargement 🇨🇳 and uncover the fascinating world of this video by way of a scientific lens that can pique your curiosity. With its electrical Vehicles set to energy forward into the European Market does the way forward for e-mobility belong to China? With manufacturers like Nio and BYD, China have already got proven they’re an influence within the EV Market, So what can legacy manufacturers like VW and rival Tesla do to compete?

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Digital camera: Marek Schönwetter Neumann
Edit: Manu Reuss
Report: Gerhard Sonnleitner

REV – The World Auto and Mobility Present from Deutsche Welle

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26 responses to “Why Germany Ought to Fear About China’s EV Enlargement 🇨🇳 – A Deep Dive into the World of Inexperienced Power Automobiles”

  1. Ioan Bota Avatar

    Its interestyng this video

  2. Stavros Hadjiyiannis Avatar

    Europeans prefer losing to China than losing to Russia. The complete destruction of the European car industry will be the inevitable result.

  3. 张方知 Avatar


  4. wshyang Avatar

    All I see in the future are battery fires, fires as far as the eye can see…

  5. ulyssis li Avatar

    I just watched the launch of Huawei Aito m7, to me it is obviously better than TESLA model Y.
    On the say day, Ursula von der Leyen spoke about the investigation to Chinese E autos in Europe. I think the punishment zoll is on the way for China made E autos in Europe.

  6. Victor Candia Avatar

    in the 9 months since this was published, the chinese brands lineups are almost a generation ahead of whats shown here, and that ladies and gentlemen, is the pace of the chinese industry, so hold on in your seats. Even aspects like advanced microchips availability are being taken care domestically by SMIC. And BYD's incredible Oceans line, designed by Wolfgagn Egger, and factories already being constructed abroad (old ford factories in Brazil and others), Geely's Zeekers, Lynks&Co, Polestars, the funkiness of the Oras, the Tanks, the affordable and fast MGs, and so on and so on… It's a new era for car industry, let's see if Europe can level up their game as much as needed..

  7. D M Avatar

    "China steals European technology" LoL. if europe has the technology then why can't they compete with China?

  8. Chandrachur Niyogi Avatar

    there was a time when the Chinese automobile industry was struggling to keep up with Western & Japanese automobile manufacturers & failing miserably . . . and now, (fast forward to 2022 onwards) the same Western automotive giants are struggling to keep up with Chinese made EVs (what an irony) . . . so much so that car makers like Ford & Volkswagen even setup vehicle assembly lines in China . . .

  9. Billy King Avatar

    It's a common knowledge that only a strong China can stop the American's bully to the world 🎉

  10. พูลศักดิ์ คุปต์ธนากร Avatar

    这都靠中国人努力奋斗的精神,才有今日走上繁荣昌盛之道路,成为汽车出口大国 !😂😢😅

  11. พูลศักดิ์ คุปต์ธนากร Avatar

    从 2022 年开始这回中国成为全球汽车出口大国 ! 超越韩日欧美 !😂😢😅

  12. Dicas Chinesas Avatar

    "China's e-cars offensive?"

    What do you mean by that?
    You DW, you are offensive.
    China is not in an offensive, China is selling, trading, that is what it is!
    What about all the German brands selling in China?
    Are they in an offensive too?

    DW's sinophobia and sense of supremacy are astonishing,
    a showcase of what is wrong with German in particular and the West in general!
    Despicable, desgusting, outrageous!

    Why Chinese Should Worry About German's car expansion?
    Why Brazilian Should Worry About German's car expansion?

    Why Indians Should Worry About German's car expansion?

    Why Mexicans Should Worry About German's car expansion?

    Why Nigerians Should Worry About German's car expansion?

    Why Thais Should Worry About German's car expansion?

    Why Turkish Should Worry About German's car expansion?

    Why Algerians Should Worry About German's car expansion?

    Why Indonesians Should Worry About German's car expansion?

    Why Polish Should Worry About German's car expansion?

  13. Andy Dondy Avatar

    Fair play to you China 👍👍👍

  14. 8 Richard Avatar

    When I was a child, China was full of German Volkswagen cars. Now the quality of local car brands in China is better than before, but not everyone has them. There are two Volkswagen cars downstairs.

  15. James N-guyen Avatar

    China has been a trading nation for 5000 years. Their strength is making and building stuff (as oppose to their main rival who's strength is from killing and destruction). You can't beat 1+ billion maths nerds. The only way you can compete is to adopt the American method…sabotage, racist propaganda and military threats but China isn't like poor defenseless third world countries that the USA and the west targets.

  16. Jackson The tiger Avatar


  17. winghosam Leung Avatar

    There is one Taiwan Solid State Battery manufacturer: Prologium Tech will set up the factory in France to supply SSB to EU car makers.

  18. Rashid Avatar

    "Why we should worry about literally everything China does ever"

  19. KarthikSoun Avatar

    Ccp is the enemy of Democracy, whatever they do they are bound to fail because its inflated and state supported.

  20. irwan trahmat Avatar

    European car factories
    Are stll clinging to antiquated Herr Carl
    Benz Ice technology
    With consume stinky dirty fossil fuel,
    Which exorported
    Mostly from arab countries.
    How can they compete with china 21 th ev technology
    Without mas lay off
    And massive unemployment and
    Must create giant mew supply chains
    And unpredictable social costs
    Europa deine zeit is vorbei !!

  21. Mike Want Avatar

    Even tesla needs Chinese batteries to make EV cars. Germany VW ceo knows that Car AI must be made in China. So, your title is just a jokem

  22. Moses Osman Avatar

    Being a taxi driver in ghana's western region, please consider the number of ours it's travels because average taxi driver in ghana can drive for 8 to 9 ours without offing the engine because most of these cars will end up in Africa, so manufacturer's be aware.

  23. Charleton Priest Avatar

    Can those Chinese EVs access our WIFI network? an American asked.

  24. 🇹🇼Chinese Rep. of Taiwan台灣中華民國 Avatar

    Dont keep feeding them. The Great Giant Baby country will sure to hurt you few years down the line. Every 3 pennies they make only 1 goes to people. Funding the Chinese nation is dangerous. Stop the stupidity.

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