Toyota Forgot How To Make Sports activities Automobiles – A Deep Dive into the World of Sports activities Automobile Expertise

Toyota Forgot How To Make Sports Cars

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The GR Corolla is lastly right here, and it is the primary time in practically 2 many years that Toyota has made a sports activities automotive by themselves. Query is: Do they nonetheless know the best way to make a sports activities automotive?
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0:00 – Does Toyota Nonetheless Know How To Make A Sports activities Automobile?
0:40 – First Take a look at the GR Corolla
1:15 – Toyota’s Sports activities Automobile Method
3:35 – When Toyota Forgot
5:36 – GR Corolla Driving Impressions
8:59 – The Downside with the GR Corolla
11:01 – The (Shocking) Greatest GR Corolla
12:48 – Why the GR Corolla REALLY Issues

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  1. Albon Avatar

    Check out dbrand at: . Support the channel and protect your gear at the same time!

  2. Jordan De Marchi Avatar

    Your the first person I ever heard knock the GR Corolla's suspension. Everyone seems to give it praises. Ot was made for rally not always for thr road

  3. Matthew Duka Avatar

    I'm pretty sure the Yaris is better and the only reason for there being a corolla is because cars in America are so ridiculously huge

  4. CanadianBren Avatar

    I want to get one of these so badly but they are too expensive for me so im gonna half to wait like a few year and hope this car is alive then and they don't discontinued it by next year or so

  5. INSID3 Avatar

    It made me smile watching this, because I know Toyota still cares about there customers, Toyota is one of if not the only brand left to do so

  6. amin MA Avatar

    11:20 what's the name of the song?

  7. 90s Buick guy Avatar

    It’s a mechanical, all wheel drive system just thought I would clarify if you want to know more about the GR corolla go to the car care nuts channel he does an in-depth video mechanically from the engine to the all-wheel-drive system and differentials

  8. TKY Avatar

    everybody forgets the MR2

  9. Kyro09 Avatar

    Cars are getting slow car makers are becoming slow cars are dying

  10. BadLuckJames Avatar

    Only car I've ever regret selling was my '91 MR2 Turbo (my first car). About 20+ years later I find myself looking at a corolla. A car my grandma used to drive. LoL

  11. Christopher Bassit Avatar

    Gr corolla ftw. Got mine 2 weeks ago

  12. STMs Avatar

    I’m kinda over awd. Own two rwd sports cars and that’s the best fit for my needs

  13. STMs Avatar

    Just learned about this channel via their cameo on savagegeese. Excellent writing and narration!

  14. Nikolai Your Crazy Uncle Avatar

    It’s a shame that Toyota is intentionally keeping these in limited supply, and letting dealers mark them up 15k above MSRP. I get sporty hatchbacks have a bit of a following, but not big enough for that. A lot of these things are gonna sit on lots, not being bought, because they’re too expensive for most peoples liking. The Ford Focus RS basically followed that same model to a T, and it was very quickly discontinued due to poor sales. They need to produce these things in large quantities to make them cheaper to buy over time, if they want this thing to succeed.

  15. Rosco Mcfarland Avatar

    I have to say. After all of this and this info. A 3 cylinder COROLLA blows. So what if it’s platform that has some success but the Mk4 gen Supra was killing bmws, Audi, Porsche, the skyline and everything in between. The new “Supra” should be competing with the GTR. Toyota has completely forgotten everything it was beloved for car wise. At the end of the day it’s a Corolla, with a 3 cylinder….with 300hp….doesn’t seem like a good platform for people to love for the next 30 years. The Supra is a far cry from what we all love the mk4 for. Toyota just blows now. Sure have the 4Runner and Tacoma everything else will be forgotten the moment they stop making it. Nothing is sacred

  16. Cogitationes caecae Avatar

    WTF you're talking about?
    Toyota wins WRC year by year every year.

  17. Fab Man Avatar

    I think I have the same cycotic brain as you because I wanted more from the car but since you showed the mutizoit I wanted one too.

  18. Juan Serrano Avatar

    alright bro you dragged it. you overdid it with the music. a bit dramatic innit?

  19. Mac Sixtyfive Avatar

    Hello Yaris Gr……………

  20. iffy801 Avatar

    @5:50 Lol with NPC comment… talk about virtue signalling! Loser

  21. Andre C. Avatar

    As a Toyota fan, this brought tears to my eyes. Excellent video!

  22. Yellow Hypergiant Avatar

    It was a great content to watch though

  23. Alamas Avatar

    i know nothing about cars nor do i care, but this channel is so well informative and super bingeable

  24. syiunshi Avatar

    Whats the point of having that high level trim if nobody can even buy it?

  25. Edward Pichardo Avatar

    “Does toyota still know how to make a sports car?”

    Well, they’ve been dominating the LMP series in Lemans for several years. They’ve been present in NASCAR, Darkar and some others. Yea I think they still got it.

  26. radDgreat Rad Avatar

    Gr corolla or musta dark horse and why ?

  27. Nick P Avatar

    im in shock! this was the best video, not just on the GR corolla, but also on the history of Toyota I have ever seen. Amazing job!

  28. lefon wastaken Avatar

    Gr86 is probably the best thing to come out of Toyota, imo. Love the design of that car. All it needs is that 2jz which Larry Chen has already done 😍

  29. TechNord Avatar

    Fantastically written, shot, and overall executed. Subscribed.

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