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This Automobile Gained a Race Each Single Day… For YEARS – A Deep Dive into the World of Sports activities Automobile Expertise

On this publish, we’re delving deep into the world of This Automobile Gained a Race Each Single Day… For YEARS as we give you beneficial insights, professional evaluation, and rather more on Sports activities Automobile Expertise.

Overview: Our complete This Automobile Gained a Race Each Single Day… For YEARS overview leaves no stone unturned. Uncover what makes this video a must-watch and whether or not it lives as much as the hype. Be part of us for a journey again in time to 2023-02-06 16:00:26 as we recap the highlights and key takeaways from this video, staying up-to-date with the most recent developments on this well timed evaluation.

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Behind the Scenes: Ever questioned what goes on behind the scenes of This Automobile Gained a Race Each Single Day… For YEARS? We’ll take you backstage for an unique take a look at the making of this video, offering you with distinctive insights. Dive into the scientific points of This Automobile Gained a Race Each Single Day… For YEARS and uncover the fascinating world of this video by means of a scientific lens that can pique your curiosity. #BMW #mercedes #dtm

Every era of BMW M3 is exclusive, quick and unbelievable.

All borne from that preliminary concept. Make a race automotive for the highway.

The BMW M3 launched a middling German automotive model from stuffy luxurious model, to the place you go if you blood burns with 91 octane. Whenever you want the world’s most interesting Vehicles, that maintain no punches, and depart no witnesses.

That is THE SQUIDD, a channel dedicated to telling boring tales BOLDLY. Automotive icons, automotive firm calamities, supercar legends and underdog heroes. All advised by means of the lens of The Squidd, Automotive content material creator well-known for being a dude with unhealthy hair.

Observe us in every single place!

Author: Ken Steinberger
Editor: Dhananjay Singh

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  1. This makes me miss my 2013 BMW 3 series. It was a beautiful car and handled so well. But boy was it expensive to maintain. I got 162k out of it before the maintenance cost became just too much to bear. My 2022 G70 is nice too. Though faster, and equally sexy, it doesn't feel as planted as my 3 series did.

  2. No hay duda de que el e30 fue una gran máquina pero el ratio de victorias por carrera participada ni se le acerco nunca al del sierra cosworth, que claramente era muchísimo más eficaz con un ratio de 8 victorias de cada 10 carreras participadas, tanto en circuito como en rally. Ni el m3 ni el 190 evo estuvieron a la altura, eran buenos pero no tanto como el sierra

  3. gaaaaaaadiamit!!!! your diction, flow, sounds, images and inflections are all put together oh so well!! you definitely earned my subscription. and to think i just stumbled upon this by chance?! am elated. to any car enthusiast, this is such a worthy suggestion!

  4. Great documentary, but there are some inaccuracies regarding the birth of the M3. The body is somewhat different but the chassis not that much. It has different front struts, front geometry and E28 brakes. Floorpan is the same, as is the structure. It has widebody fenders, an elongated C pillar and different boot for aerodynamics, which are substantial differences but definitely not a bespoke car.

    There's just about 20-25hp difference between the DOHC race ready S14 from the early M3 vs. the more streetable, SOHC M20 from the 325i, a family of engines introduced in '77 and not the 60's. It's race ready descendant the S50 gives you an idea of the huge potential the M20 had. The reason the S14 was chosen vs. a line 6 is for weight distribution, cause the M30/S38 can be made to fit the E30 and the E30 was designed around the M20 so it's a perfect match. The M10 was just a convenient solution cause it shared parts of it's architecture with it's big brother the M30 so the S38 head design could be adapted easily into it and the M20 would've required much more development.

    Finally, the E30 was hardly a bad card to be dealt. It was a very well built, fast car for the time with great handling – it's just that Mercedes had invested a shit ton of money into the 190E to make sure their first small car was a huge hit from the get go while BMW had just evolved the E21 so obviously they had to spend some money to match the 2.3-16 and they very much did, for a lot less money too.

  5. If i could have absolutely any car as a daily driver it'd be a 2023 BMW M3 Competition XDrive all day long its a masterpiece but what M3 wasn't a masterpiece in its time they are literally track cars that when your done at the track you can cruise home in opulence and luxury drenched in carbon fiber and turbo's

  6. It's not the topic of the video of course… but:
    30% of all manufactured BF-109s crashed during take offs and landings.. due to narrow chassis and tight packaging chosen by willie messerschmitt, which was necessitated by German engines, BMWs I presume, being vastly underpowered. BF-109 was an aerodynamic disaster also prone to unpredictable stalling in the air. No wonder you'd need 200 hours of flying to learn to fly it (if you didn't crash in flight school). Underpowered , aerodynamically challenged aircraft made of expensive materials which couldn't take off and land safely… Oh my god! Marketing does wonders to consumerist brains!!! ))
    352 air victories? Funnilly if you add up German ace tallies on the Eastern front you get twice as many aircraft as Soviet had produced, and half of those were written off due to none-combat situations. You also need to factor in non-ace victories tally and the realistic number gets from 352 down to 171, then to 86 and then to 43… That the most realistic tally.

    Nazi knighthood myths had to be regularly fed and Aces were the icons to be spared and protected… hence stealing numbers from comrades in arms, abandoning tough dogfights leaving juveniles to deal with Soviet pilots, empty stats etc etc….

    BF-108 is actually a design parody necessitated by BMW's being underpower and inadequate for the job (as good as they could have been in their own right).

    Maybe you peasants should sometimes scrutinize legends about your knight weaved by your Lords ?

  7. Dude, your videos are epic! The, script, the music – epic! Your video on the Lancer Evo got me looking through the used cars sites. This one here made me look back at my 25 year old e46 gentleman with more respect. And I'm not a car enthusiast!

  8. Thanks a lot brother for such educative and interesting videos each of which is nothing short of a movie masterpiece. The efforts that goes into making such informative videos is something that we can not even imagine. Thanks for shining such a bright light in our life with such videos. Keep it up bro ❤

  9. There must be a secret second Germany where Mercedes was the king of small touring cars before the M3 arrived.

    In the real world Germany a Rover SD1 won the DTM in 1986, the year the 190e took part for the first time.

  10. Yo! The P51 Mustang was more deadly. Statistics can be deceiving. Opportunity. How long was the P51 in the fight? How many enemies did it face. How many other planes were with him shooting at the same enemy? Don't crap on the P51 like that. It just makes you look completely ignorant.

  11. Godamn.. What a great homage to the incredible e30 M3. Fantastic video and next level narration. Once again makes me shake my head in awe that Ive owned my own e30 M3 for 10 years now.
    Required viewing for owners who sometimes think of selling their piece of racing history..

  12. And you can fully understand why some parts of the autobhans in germany have no speed limit. You cannot build such kind of cars and not let people push them to the limit.
    To be honest i was once in germany to buy a car with my father and compared to any other country or the joke of a highway in my country. Their autobhans are with 50 years in the future. Their cars as well. In that country to drive 160km/h is just normal. Where in my country if i do that i probably lose my licence and get arrested.
    Japan and germany are the best car makers this planet has. Sadly that era is gone, these two countries wich once made the best cars ever, slowly become a global monopoly for money, making cars cheaper and weaker with every year. Their technology is so good that they now intentionaly design flaws in their engines to make sure they break and you go and buy another car. And what was once the age of mechanical perfection has now become a giant evil on this planet, creating polution. Everyone talks about gas, but real polution is in car manufacturers, every year new models. If they didn't turn so greedy and made cars to last more and produce less cars we would have a lot less problems with pollution. But this greed has created a vicious economic cicle all around the globe that the only way it will ever be fixed is if our entire way of living and civilization breaks down. People just don't realise how much of everything we do today, have and live is based in this machine with 4 wheels. I love cars, but it has come the time for us the consumers to consume less, demand less, after all theire producing what is demanded. Care for your cars more, keep them longer. You cannot call yourself a car lover and say you're passionate about cars without thinking of this aspect of them.

  13. At the time of the race of the champions nobody knew who senna was. Actually the only unknown driver of the line up fittipaldi couldn’t show up because of an Indy 500 race and senna took his place a day before

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