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The Solely E46 BMW M3 With A DCT And A V-10 Coronary heart


  • The E46 M3 is taken into account the head of all BMWs, boasting a high-revving six-cylinder engine and charismatic design parts which have stood the take a look at of time.
  • A daring proprietor took the E46 M3 to the following degree by swapping its iconic Inline Six for a V10 engine from the E60 M5, leading to a harmonious mix of energy and class.
  • This modified E46 M3 showcases distinctive engineering expertise and a focus to element, with efficiency upgrades like a dual-clutch transmission, aftermarket exhaust system, and track-focused modifications elevating it to a real monitor titan.



Simply mentioning the legendary E46 M3 evokes visions of its signature high-revving six-cylinder engine and people refined but undeniably charismatic design parts. Nestled on the intersection of timeless class and pioneering efficiency, many argue that this third-generation M3 is not only the epitome of the M lineage however doubtlessly the head of all BMWs. Daring? Completely. Unfounded? Hardly.

In 1999, this automobile rolled onto the scene on the Frankfurt present and instantly outshone its predecessor, the E36, taking the lead in a flash. Underneath the hood, a 3.2-liter S54 engine – a real masterpiece of naturally aspirated engineering. It cranks out 333 horsepower at 7,900 rpm, and you may faucet right into a wealthy seam of torque from simply 2,000 rpm. Paired with both a six-speed handbook or the avant-garde SMG transmission, it pushes energy to the rear wheels via a groundbreaking Variable M Differential, obtainable in each handbook and SMG transmissions.

The aesthetically pleasing beast hints at its capability with out screaming for consideration, from the nuanced flare of its wheel arches and the pronounced bulge on its aluminum hood to the distinct quad exhausts. Nonetheless turning heads over twenty years later, one can’t assist however surprise what may make it much more drool-worthy. Right here’s a touch: Think about it with out that iconic Inline Six.

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A Match Made In Petrolhead Heaven: The E46 M3 Meets The V10 Prowess

E46 M3 + V10 engine

Once we communicate of BMW’s crowning achievements, the E46 M3 inevitably rises to the floor, a testomony to engineering and design. However then there’s the pulse-quickening thrill of the E60 M5’s S85 5.0-liter naturally-aspirated V10, an engine that stands as a roaring testomony to BMW’s prowess below the hood. Now, let’s embark on a hypothetical journey – what if we unite these two titans?

Envision an E46 M3, recognized for its poised class, however beneath that hood, roars the guts of a beast: A V10 engine that sings to the tune of 500 horsepower at 7,750 RPM—and 384 pound-feet at 6,100 RPM. And simply whenever you suppose it would relent, this V10 continues to serenade the street till it hits 8,250 RPM.

Engine Specs


3.2-liter S54 Inline Six

5.0-liter S85 V10


3.2 liters

5.0 liters


Inline six-cylinder



Naturally aspirated

Naturally aspirated


333 HP at 7,900 RPM

500 HP at 7,750 RPM


269 pound-feet at 2,000 RPM

384 pound-feet at 6,100 RPM


7,900 RPM

8,250 RPM


E46 M3

E60 M5 V10

(Specs Sourced From BMW)

This isn’t some fantasy automobile fanatic’s daydream. This dream got here to life someplace in Germany, due to a daring proprietor who refused to decide on between BMW’s bests and as an alternative introduced them collectively in harmonious unity. This extraordinary E46 M3, with the guts of an E60 M5, is clear in boundless creativity and engineering expertise.

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Engineering Marvel: The V10-Infused E46 M3 Expertise

E46 M3 + V10 engine

The E46 M3, in all its glory, by no means anticipated housing a beast fairly just like the S85 V10. But, in a testomony to human ingenuity and sheer ardour for automotive perfection, that’s exactly what occurred. Whereas the E46’s engine bay generously supplies room, becoming the formidable V10 would possible have made even essentially the most seasoned mechanics sweat.

If we hint the origins of this mechanical marvel, we discover that Autoblog.NL had the privilege of driving this surprise again in November 2021. They unearthed a very intriguing element: this V10 didn’t come alone. It’s now paired with the dual-clutch transmission of its cousin, the E92 M3. And whereas there could be different V10-powered E46 M3s on the earth, this fusion – combining the V10 with the E92’s DCT – is taken into account a singular masterpiece.

Crafting such a machine is not any simple job. Combining two powerhouses, every iconic in its personal proper, requires precision, dedication, and a contact of daring. However the journey didn’t cease with the engine-transmission marriage. An added aftermarket exhaust system amplifies the V10’s roar, magnifying its presence on the street. These efforts culminate with an E46 M3 that challenges conventions and redefines the boundaries of automotive excellence.

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Masterfully Modified: The E46 M3’s Evolution Into A Monitor Titan

Delving into this E46 M3, the eye to element is simple. The variety of modifications showcases the numerous hours poured into reworking this automobile. Whereas it’s practically inconceivable to enumerate all of them, listed here are some standout tweaks that seize the essence of its transformation:

  • Drivetrain Precision: An OS Giken lock ensures optimum energy distribution and grip.
  • Experience Dynamics: Leveraging a coilover set from AST to realize the proper stability and suspension response.
  • Acoustic Id: Borrowing the chrome steel exhaust with rear silencers from the E92 M3 enhances its already formidable growl.
  • Weight Effectivity: The pursuit of agility led to the elimination of rear seats. Of their stead, Cobra bucket seats grace the entrance, guaranteeing each consolation and efficiency.
  • Aerodynamic Edge: Whereas not instantly seen in snapshots, an M3 GTS spoiler is current, additional honing its track-readiness.

Labeling this machine merely as a ‘monitor toy’ can be an understatement. Regardless of its track-focused modifications, it proudly flaunts yellow plates, signaling its road-legal standing within the Netherlands. Latest re-registration ensures it’s acknowledged for its true would possibly: 507 horsepower, all whereas sustaining a weight of three,340 kilos.

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Elevating Icons: The Unparalleled Price Of This Reworked E46 M3

The evolution of this E46 M3 is nothing in need of spellbinding. Melding basic design with groundbreaking innovation, it stands as an embodiment of automotive artistry and daring imaginative and prescient. With an asking value hovering round $84,999, it would increase eyebrows as doubtlessly the most costly E46 obtainable. Nevertheless, given the depth of engineering and dedication poured into this automobile, it transcends mere valuation—it turns into an funding in a bit of reimagined historical past.

From our deep dive into this reinvented marvel, it’s evident that this isn’t simply one other E46 M3. It’s an icon that has been lovingly and daringly remodeled, difficult the boundaries of what was as soon as doable. Integrating the uncooked energy of the S85 V10 seamlessly bridges the hole between legacy and modernity. The detailed modifications, each in efficiency and aesthetics, set it in a category of its personal—a showcase of innovation spurred by relentless ardour.

To sum it up, this E46 M3 narrates a story of challenges met, boundaries pushed, and conventions defied. It’s a show of technical prowess and a tribute to the indomitable spirit of innovation. And it’s certain to induce drool-worthy admiration and, maybe, a little bit of envy. In any case, when the previous meets the long run so seamlessly, it’s exhausting to not be mesmerized.

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