Baby Labor in Electrical Automobile Manufacturing – A Deep Dive into the World of Inexperienced Vitality Automobiles

Child Labor in Electric Car Manufacturing

On this submit, we’re delving deep into the world of Baby Labor in Electrical Automobile Manufacturing as we give you worthwhile insights, professional evaluation, and way more on Inexperienced Vitality Automobiles.

Overview: Our complete Baby Labor in Electrical Automobile Manufacturing evaluate leaves no stone unturned. Uncover what makes this video a must-watch and whether or not it lives as much as the hype. Be a part of us for a journey again in time to 2021-10-30 15:06:17 as we recap the highlights and key takeaways from this video, staying up-to-date with the newest developments on this well timed evaluation.

Final Information: On the lookout for the last word useful resource on Inexperienced Vitality Automobiles? You have discovered it! Our Inexperienced Vitality Automobiles information covers the whole lot it’s worthwhile to learn about this subject, making it your go-to reference. Put together to have your thoughts blown as we unveil hidden insights and data associated to Baby Labor in Electrical Automobile Manufacturing, explaining complicated ideas and making the content material accessible to all.

Behind the Scenes: Ever puzzled what goes on behind the scenes of Baby Labor in Electrical Automobile Manufacturing? We’ll take you backstage for an unique take a look at the making of this video, offering you with distinctive insights. Dive into the scientific facets of Baby Labor in Electrical Automobile Manufacturing and uncover the fascinating world of this video by a scientific lens that can pique your curiosity. The EV revolution is upon us. However, is the inexperienced revolution actually inexperienced? Nicely, Governments and carmakers are totally invested in electrical Automobiles they usually present no indicators of slowing down. Nevertheless it seems that EVs produce just a little greater than zero emissions, and worse than that, the method of producing Lithium-Ion batteries has confirmed to be extremely conflict-ridden, largely partially to very large companies mining with exploited employees and youngster labor within the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Engineering Defined “Is Conserving Your Automobile Higher For the Surroundings”:

Good Shephard Worldwide Basis:
Congo Kids Belief:

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41 responses to “Baby Labor in Electrical Automobile Manufacturing – A Deep Dive into the World of Inexperienced Vitality Automobiles”

  1. zwr9ne0t6hklllIllllIIIIIIIIIIlIlIlIlIIIIIIlllO0O0O Avatar

    nice video. but some flaws. prius is NiMH, not Li-ion. Never. i-MiEV is pronounced 'eye-meev' not 'eye-my-ev' i own and work with electric vehicles for over 15 years. you said 2021, so this video is already 2 years old in 2023. what you're trying to explain in so many words, is called 'embodied energy' and 'carbon footprint.' a long explanation makes it more confusing and harder to comprehend.

  2. donk qb Avatar

    EV are the future of increasing slave workers

  3. Oddball Avatar

    Ukraine is the EU Lithium mine future hence the war.

  4. Just Clyde Avatar

    The easiest way to stop this is DONT BUY ELECTRIC CARS easy

  5. Jonas Weber Avatar

    Important topic but what really shocks me is that nobody is talking about the massive use of cobalt by the oil industry… it’s used to remove sulfur from crude oil and people simply don’t know this… people are rightfully complaining about cobalt use in EVs while using cobalt every time they drive ICE cars 😢

  6. Haircafe Avatar

    So, what would happen to these kids if these jobs were to suddenly disappear?

  7. 2016 audi a3 Avatar

    ya know whats crazy, some of these new chinese automakers are leaving fields of evs to sit and catch dust to fake their sales, so this is really just for nothing

  8. CarsOverPeople Avatar

    It’s all about control. With EV’s, they have full control over your car. They can lock you in/out of the car, turn it on/off, etc. Not to mention, all the Teslas have cameras everywhere so they can watch & listen in on you as well.

  9. Martin Figueroa Avatar

    The government is forcing evs on us because they want us to listen and they can shut the car off but they can't shut off a gas or hydrogen car and they are forcing African kids to work and they don't care about the environment and they shot a guy named Stanley meyer for his water fuel cell car

  10. Andr0meda Avatar

    as long as we buy, we allow it. and so it is with slave labor for clothes factories.

  11. Christie Reynolds Avatar

    I already researched and knew of the Congo's abused children in the mines. It is my nightmare turned reality as a mother, as a human being.

  12. Mind & Soul POWER Avatar

    ev is a gigantic hoax like big pHARMa

  13. Anime Root Avatar

    The good news is that companies are moving away from cobalt when they can. New battery tech is coming with iron and poly based cells, heck even carbon. Green is just a buzz word, all things that move consume energy in one way or another. I love gas and EV tech, but for different reasons and applications. Energy is never free, no matter how you spin it.

  14. Ockterr Avatar

    EVs by themselves are not practical. They aren't even "enviormentally-friendly". Lithium batteries are far worse for the enviorment, until they can come up with better range or finding a method that doesn't require child labour, i am NOT investing a single dime into them.

  15. Archie Lea Avatar

    To the American patriotic people and friends and allies and British people and friends and allies and Australian people down under Australia Says IAM who Iam Amen and amen

  16. EliseTheAutomobile Avatar

    summarizing the video:
    Elon: EVs are the future, emission-free🙂
    Congolese kid: ok Elon, here's your lithium 😥

  17. Franco Soria Avatar

    Same thing with shutting down nuclear energy and replacing it with coal… Are green activist really green? Why they always chose the worst alternative for the enviroment?

  18. kaMos Avatar

    Hey man, I love your content and you pointing out these issues is amazing work!
    I miss one point in your conclusion: The electric vehicle itself is not the problem. We as consumers and people who can vote in democratic states need to show, that we want to have the issues fixed surrounding battery production. Nethertheless, we all want and will need battery powered devices and vehicles in our daily life, and being informed about the glaring problems shouldn't lead us to damning electric mobility in general. We "just" need to stop exploiting humans for it.
    To add to that: Conventional powered cars use batteries and loads of smart devices using materials sourced in the same inhuman way as Cobalt, and VW especially even produces parts not only for their EVs with forced labor, Uigur workers in China

  19. Gringo Starr Avatar

    This must be your most important video you have made. So many people are totally ignorant about the exploitations of child-labour..

  20. S. O Avatar

    This is what capitalism is and supports. Extracting surplus value from workers in countries that were destabilised due to colonialism is the norm

  21. Jess Klay Avatar

    My heart has shattered into a million pieces. Great video thank you

  22. PonyThroat Avatar

    Best thing about electric cars.

    Imagine letting already poor children go unemployed.

  23. Crifstar Avatar

    Democrats are trying to unionize them

  24. Marcus Gaiswinkler Avatar

    Hi Albon – this video has a huge and dishonest omisssion. You failed to mention the huge appetite of the diesel industry using cobalt to remove sulphur from diesel. Plus you massively downplay the growing significant of LFP in EV's. You really need to make an update to this where you talk about the take-over of LPF batteries in cars. Every day people tell me my BYD (containing the LFP Blade cell) has blood metals. I'm so tired of this…

  25. Raymond Siu Avatar

    This is disgusting!! I was not aware of this. I am returning my Tesla!!!!!

  26. RTanna Avatar

    Ten years, how many cars are still on the road after ten years now days with everything designed to fail.

  27. Freedom doc Avatar

    Love the Lexus EV commercial on report of blood cobalt

  28. drakon1300 Avatar

    and even you tube is pushing adds for the switch to electric cars….. while all the plastic parts in them are made from petroleum products,,,, how green is that??
    I bet a lot of those child laborers are not doing it by freedom of choice…. more like forced labor/basically slavery

  29. Aaron Armstrong Avatar

    Not even from a humanitarian standpoint, but a logistical one, I just feel like you could run your operation a lot cheaper with front end loaders and dump trucks, rather than children with burlap sacks. If you don't believe me, go to your local gravel pit. Load a dump truck takes 45 seconds or a minute. That would take 30 people with hand tools all day

  30. Mikhil Muhuthan Avatar

    If you guys really think the politicians care that EVs are releasing more emissions than gas or that the labour to get resources is unethical. They don't, all they care about is them getting paid and staying in power. Nothing more, nothing less. It's been this way since the beginning.

  31. zudemaster Avatar

    The technology, money, time and effort that has been put into developing the electric car would have been much better used into making gas engines more "green". There is no reason that in this day and age with our advancements in technology we can not develop cars that run off of gas yet get double-even triple the gas mileage of a average car today and put out a fraction of the pollution. Your average new car in 1990 got 25mpg. Your average new car in 2023 still gets 25mpg. Why? Nobody is really trying to improve that. They say they are, but they are not.

  32. ZealandStuff Avatar

    I take public transportation more than cars because I know electric cars aren't really the future

  33. Antiquated Ideas Avatar

    Hydrogen combustion is the future


    Not only is the mining buisness absolute atrocious, but also the dangers that come with lithium batteries. They violently react to water, will spontaneously combust (look up the crash of UPS Flight 6 or the water damaged EVs after a hurricane), and their disposal process must happen a certain way.. otherwise it'll cause sever environmental damage, and lithium fires cannot be put out by conventional means. On top of AAAALLL that, our nations grid work cannot handle the amount of output needed to charge a neighborhood full of EVs. Rates will go up, black outs will happen, and not everyone can afford to pay electric bills.. let alone buy a new EV vehicle.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for alternative means, but I'll only backup EVs once they become practical, safer, affordable for all, and our grid is actually capable of handling all that output. Till then, i refuse to buy an EV, and most people will as well. EVs are not truly 'green', and never will be

  35. model mania Avatar

    ev's are NOT green at all , volvo did a test comparing a diesel ( euro 6 ) and an ev by volvo , and at the end of the tast they could clearly say that you have to drive an ev over 180.000 km before it was equal to a diesel car in co2 emisions ,,,,,,, most ev's do not even get that far in their lives !!!! and no the power grids will not be ready for any of this crap not now and not in 10 years !!!!

  36. UTP Avatar

    Hey at least that kid has the opportunity to feed his family. Kids in the us in bad situations are forced to steal or sell drugs because they can’t work….. something to think about

  37. Zub Avatar

    The petrol cars ban thing is not about the emissions, it's about EU not wanting to rely on imports :/

  38. ProjectSun Avatar

    There is a good reason why Toyota never rushes and put more eggs in one basket on EV for these exact reasons pointed out in this video and would rather take the multi approach of alternative fuels like Hydrogen, Hybrids, Biofuels, and E-fuels to further make improvements on proven technologies of ICE and Hybrids which is rather clever of them, to say the least. Especially when Akio Toyoda though no longer as a CEO but a Chairman of Toyota knows very well how the automotive industry works for many years of experience before people start talking crap about them thinking what a stubborn man he is when really it's quite the opposite and is already ahead of time.

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