2023 Subaru BRZ vs Mazda MX-5/Miata | Which light-weight sports activities automotive is finest? – A Deep Dive into the World of Sports activities Automobile Know-how

2023 Subaru BRZ vs Mazda MX-5/Miata | Which lightweight sports car is best?

On this submit, we’re delving deep into the world of 2023 Subaru BRZ vs Mazda MX-5/Miata | Which light-weight sports activities automotive is finest? as we give you priceless insights, skilled evaluation, and far more on Sports activities Automobile Know-how.

Evaluation: Our complete 2023 Subaru BRZ vs Mazda MX-5/Miata | Which light-weight sports activities automotive is finest? assessment leaves no stone unturned. Uncover what makes this video a must-watch and whether or not it lives as much as the hype. Be a part of us for a journey again in time to 2023-03-04 06:00:11 as we recap the highlights and key takeaways from this video, staying up-to-date with the newest developments on this well timed evaluation.

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The sports activities automotive ranks are just a little thinner as of late than they was, however the likes of the Subaru BRZ and Mazda MX-5 show that the standard is there, if not the amount.

Each these light-weight, handbook, rear-wheel drive ship top-notch driving thrills they usually accomplish that in an reasonably priced method, each when it comes to the preliminary buy worth and the working prices.

However whereas each are nice, our activity is to ship a winner so watch the video above to find our choose of the present sports activities automotive litter.

Quick Ahead
00:00 Intro
00:43 Pricing and specs
02:28 BRZ Inside assessment
03:10 MX5 Inside assessment
03:59 Infotainment & security
04:30 Passenger & baggage house
05:05 BRZ Street check
07:32 MX5 Street check
10:10 Verdict

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40 responses to “2023 Subaru BRZ vs Mazda MX-5/Miata | Which light-weight sports activities automotive is finest? – A Deep Dive into the World of Sports activities Automobile Know-how”

  1. Dystopia USA Avatar

    I plan to finally indulge myself & buy one of these in 2024 – just haven't decided which yet. For the MX-5/Miata I prefer the RF version over the "Rag Top" version though. I love my 2022 Mazda CX-30 (my first automatic in 40+ years of driving), but I do miss driving a manual.

  2. Alex Gee Avatar

    Having made the choice to buy an MX5, the BRZ wasn’t really considered as I wanted top down motoring.
    And finding out that the manuals lacked the EyeSight technology was a shock.
    So surely the BRZ can’t be a better car lacking some fundamental safety features? (Subaru may fix this soon).

  3. Tonto Apache Avatar

    Great video thank you for not being the "sit on the fence depends what you like" video. I like hearing what others definitively think! Suscribed.

  4. Chris Ludman Avatar

    I can't understand a word you're saying

  5. Fanfeck Avatar

    You buy a mx5 because you want a two seat convertible. The Subaru is just another tin top. I can’t see the point of these comparisons

  6. Wyatt Outlaw Avatar
  7. Mr Porsche Avatar

    The toyota 86 will not give you a huge smile but the mazda will.Theses cars are night and day difference.The mazdas comparison would be the new gr 86 massive difference to the gt86

  8. Branden S Avatar

    Toyota needs to put that new 3 cylinder turbo 300hp engine in the gr86. Not that would be a hot ticket

  9. Ben Avatar

    Was considering a 22/23 Brz or 86 then found out about the RTV issues that can lead to engine failure

  10. Ninja Kuma Avatar

    If you're tall, the MX-5 might not even be an option.

    I'm 6-foot and my head touches the roof.

  11. Dan The Man Avatar

    You think Ferrari and lambo owners choose those cars for more space? Really? If ya need more space get an SUV. Sports cars are ,mainly for weekend fun .

  12. Salvadore Avatar

    Dial is definitely less distracting

  13. Viet Avatar

    BRZ is just a bore-looking car, my friend.

  14. roy anderson Avatar

    Good luck in finding a BRZ or GR86.i went 2 a local dearller &
    was told they had' nt had one in
    over 1 yr. said they could order one,
    but could not promise any better
    results. Of course really was not the determining factor.

  15. BNE-TV Avatar

    All this video says is buy the new GR 86, and not MX-5
    Marketing it is.

    But if we have reward the manufacturer with our precious dollar?
    How do we choose?

    Several month before I had make that decision.
    And here is my conclusion.
    Pick the MX-5

    Suspension quality — MX-5 wins
    Check out the article -> Autoblog's Mazda MX-5 Miata Suspension Deep Dive
    Meanwhile a lot of stamped steel under the GR86/BRZ …
    Savage Geese came to same conclusion as well in his video.

    Engine refinement -> MX-5
    MX-5 ND2's engine refinement, will let you google that yourself.
    In brief, ND2 has short Ultra-light” pistons, lighter connecting rods, and a new high-lift crankshaft, dual mass flywheels.
    Revs beautifully. Toyota didn't want to invest time to improve their 2.0L, so just threw in 2.4. IMO lazy attempt.
    The last 2.0L has flat curve issues, which could have improved, and refined.

    Design –> MX-5
    MX-5 RF in targa top, isn't that classy?
    In soft top form, you can cruise under the star light ….
    GR-86 is a coupe. The execution is good.
    In terms of sophistication and class, the MX-5 should be win, right?
    Toyota won't give you a convertible, unless you go up to Lexus LC money.
    Where is the Toyota MR3? MR2 was great. GR 86 styling nice but not great.

    Chassis – MX-5 again
    The MX-5 exists in a version called 990s
    Meaning curb weights 990kg.
    Don't take that lightly.

    Toyota needs to try harder to trim the fat from the chassis.

    Remember Lotus 7, now Catham 7
    Throw it around the mountain, and you will realize what a light chassis at under 500 kg can do?

    Body paint —> MX-5
    Toyota saved the good paint for their Lexus Marque.
    MX-5 has some truely amazing paint.
    The soul red alone has more depth and mica in it.
    Toyota can do some amazing paint but didn't provide.

    Dash/Dials Speedo —> MX-5
    Is digital dash good? Think Leica and classic analog.
    Personally I think a needle and dial is easy to read.
    And you can see the rate of change with the needle.
    Not so with digital, digits jumping ….
    Plus digital don't last. Ask first gen Prius owners.

    Anyway enough said.

  16. Neo Anderson Avatar

    Comparing the 2 is a little odd, but understandable. Both fall under the same category, so I see why you would. This being said, they aim at different demographs. The Subi is still trying to hit up the late 20's-30's while the Miata is aiming at late 30's-60's. Yes, demograph is way more vast. Before anyone starts crucifying me about how they're 19 or 20 and own a Miata, you're probably the 1%-.5% that actually care about driving. Remember, they have to cater to their markets. Stats show the vast majority of Miata owners are in their golden years and retired. You only have to look at the local Miata club to confirm my statement. 🙂
    The Subi on the other hand are driven by "hooligans". The up and coming Fathers or "go-getters" that "need" a sports car to make them feel better or show off. So it's no surprise that this review falls in the hands of the Subi.
    Now, if it was actually done proper and you do take the platforms to the extreme they were designed for, I'm pretty sure the vast majority of us "drivers" will pick the Miata. By simply changing out the shocks/springs and rollbars of the Miata, you'll get a vastly better handling vehicle than the Subi. The Subi you can't do too much more to it since it's already topping off at its limits. Why? Because their suspension architecture is different. Can't compare a Macpherson strut layout to a Double Wishbone suspension. There are limits.
    So yes, for the common person, this comparsion will go towards the Subi. For the rest of us 1%-.5%, the Miata is the one you want. 🙂

  17. Ren Truong Avatar

    Quality video, thank you! (:

  18. Adam Klingenberger Avatar

    The Miata is what you want to drive on a back road with the top down. Opening the windows in the BRZ isn’t the same. I had so many great days driving around with the top down, it’s not all about performance (although the Miata is no slouch).

  19. Bill Shoe Avatar

    What some great cars. Love this rwd, manual sports car comparison. Great job on this Scott! I prefer the more oversteer handling of the GR86 over the BRZ. Miata is the perfect road car if you can fit in it. I prefer the sound of the Miata engine and its more rev happy nature. I would go Miata here over the BRZ

  20. CBEDH3 Avatar

    If I park a Miata in front of my office people will just think I’m having a mid-life crisis. If I park a BRZ in front of my office people will think I’m having a mental breakdown and am regressing back to being a child.

  21. Iman Enigma Avatar

    I have owned my BRZ, same as tested WR Blue, S, manual,
    since October.
    Absolutely love it.
    Hardtop, more room, especially as a 2 seater and easily
    better looking than the ragtop or hardtop Mazda IMO.
    I read tests saying how noisy they were but to be
    honest, I don't find this to be the case.
    As for the missing safety gear?
    No problem, the manual has more than enough without being a "Nanny" car, thanks.

  22. Marty Chandler Avatar

    The Subaru couldn't hold a candle to the MX-5's superb exterior design, reliability, and fuel economy.

  23. pushslice Avatar

    it’s great to have a “pick”at the end of the video, but I think the grand take-away here is : we are awfully fortunate to have these cars available right now !!

    For how much longer ? who knows .

    You all : please get out there and buy these cars!

  24. David Patterson Avatar

    Seems a bit silly to compare 2 inexpensive manual rear wheel drive enthusiast cars, and then give the nod based on storage and space. I guess a Ford Expedition would top both of these.

  25. Shakur Avatar

    Mx5 all day every day, even when I got a million € to spend,

  26. MrMeoow91 Avatar

    The Targa Top MX-5 should be a more comparable to the BRZ than the Soft-top.
    But the base Targa Top would set you back at almost $50K.
    The BRZ is a much better value if you want a Coupe.
    Otherwise, the Soft-top MX-5 is the one if you just want a convertible.

  27. AGR Avatar

    Me, an intellectual: S2000

  28. Shawn ZX Avatar

    Once Mazda release the new Miata I’d be leaning to Mazda again (hope they do fully touchscreen)

  29. Peter S. Avatar

    I own a 2022 MX-5, it's the GT trim in Australia which is the next level up. I agree with all the statements, but having an open top really makes up for the engine size the some of the practicality. If you need more space, (yawn) more storage (yawn) then the BRZ makes sense, but if you still like seat-of-the-pants old school driving, flicking through gears and corners with wind in the hair, and a smile on your face, the Mazda just has to win.

  30. Aearonjer Circumstance Avatar

    The original 86 looks far more aggressive. The GR 86 has been softened.

  31. DrBones Avatar

    Every review mentions the autonomous braking. No enthusiast could care less. I don’t want all that nanny garbage.

  32. David Zhang Avatar

    The gr86/brz has dreadful throttle response and some rev hang (worse in the brz) This is a deal breaker for me. The ND throttle calibration is way more natural and linear and has instant response. The ND also shifts better.

  33. Solid Asian Gold Avatar

    Not even close, a covertible wins everytime along with Japanese made quality.

  34. sleety00 Avatar

    Hats off to your DP. That opening shot looked fantastic. It was like watching a film set!

  35. Peter Lewis Avatar

    Here in the Uk, the MX5 is also available with the delightful 1.5 L engine.
    Less powerful than the 2 L, but when you consider the car weighs so little, it suits the whole ethos of lightweight open topped sports cars.

    Its supposed to have a 7500rpm Redline, but the engine revs so freely and sweetly, you could forget its got a limiter on it at all.

    When i purchased my Sep 2001 Sports Venture Edition, i didn't even consider the 2 L engine, what's the point. Im not after outright performance.

    A true British sports car, from the 1970s and early 80s, always had a small capacity, naturally aspirated engine.
    The likes of the MG Midget, and Triumph Spitfire, spring to mind.

    Small capacity, underpowered engines, connected to a car that weighs so little. A recipe for ultimate driving thrills.

    The 1500cc engine is a delight, its all you really need in a car that weighs as little as the current MX5

    If your after more power, then maybe the MD is not the car for you.

  36. BN9 Avatar

    Well one is actually a convertible/targa so not really the same comparison here since that is a major feature that the MX-5 have that the 86 cannot no matter what. Also, that flat 4 is a dinosaur and gets like 20mpg or something stupid whereas the Mazda gets like 38mpg.

  37. dji zzah Avatar

    BRZ looks really good, would interesting in a drop top

  38. Armando Cardona Avatar

    i’ve driven both, the gr86 feels more like a sports car and it corners better than a miata. The miata is setup to be more of a GT car with softer suspension and more body roll, although that does make it more “fun”.

  39. Electric Diesel10 Avatar

    A BRZ should have a downsize 1.6 with turbo from Levorg and pistol steering wheel with artificial-horizon electronic instrument display from Vortex; the next MX5 will come with a pop-up lamps from Vision Study and a supercharged 2.0 SkyactivX.

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