2009 Chevy Malibu vs 1959 Bel Air Crash Check | Client Studies – A Deep Dive into the World of Automotive Security Options

2009 Chevy Malibu vs 1959 Bel Air Crash Test | Consumer Reports

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This crash take a look at between a contemporary sedan and the basic 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air reveals simply how far passenger safety has come within the final fifty years. Try for extra Evaluations, suggestions, and proposals.
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The Institute for Freeway Security staged the take a look at to commemorate its fiftieth anniversary. Discover extra crash checks on our website:

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39 responses to “2009 Chevy Malibu vs 1959 Bel Air Crash Check | Client Studies – A Deep Dive into the World of Automotive Security Options”

  1. Terrance Addison Avatar

    That 59 got completely obliterated!

  2. Zaff Videos Avatar

    They removed the Rails and Engine from Belair, its rigged test.
    Classic car sitting on Full Chassis will demolish any car.

  3. 片柳誠 Avatar


  4. Nathan Brown Avatar

    This old car had a rusted frame that why it crumpled like it did

  5. Grzegorz Grzegorzz Avatar

    Where’s engine in old car ? 😅😅😅😅

  6. AM Atomic  Avatar

    Crumple zones, seatbelts and head rests make a huge difference.

  7. Al fx Avatar

    Well GM improved on there safety. Still GM needs build better and affordable cars.

  8. Drawing with Lynne Avatar

    U can’t do this to a hot wheels. Just make real cars out of the same stuff. Duh.

  9. Devil Avatar

    I guess BeamNG is actually accurate with how the classic cars crumple in wrecks lmao

  10. Brenndon McGill Avatar

    It's an unfair comparison. The 59' was an X frame vehicle which had been known to be weaker, and they didn't use it very long. Also, when it hits you can see the cloud of dust (rust) from underneath.

    By the 60s and into the 70s cars were a lot stronger. Try doing this test with say an Imperial, Lincoln, Cadillac, etc and you'll see a big difference.

  11. Lego #100 Avatar

    If the old cars were rock solid then why was the 1959 Chevy Bel Air completely destroyed? 🤔🤔🤔

  12. Electric Diesel10 Avatar

    Bel Air had very obsolete column auto transmission and 4 wheel drum brakes were so outmoded and dangerous endangering motorists.

  13. Jeff Thacker Avatar

    Nice job painting a rusted out junker and showing a lie

  14. Boris Safonov Avatar

    Okay, they've improved safety. But let's be honest, not for the benefit of people, but to reduce insurance payments 🙂

  15. Solid Cold Avatar

    To all the people who are sad about a "classic" car being destroyed. If you look at the Bel air during the accident you can see a huge cloud of rust and dirt. Most likely for the crash test they put on a new coat of paint and decals.

  16. fps whore Avatar

    would like to see how far we have come since 2009 too

  17. J. Rec Avatar

    A worthy sacrifice of a ‘59 to put to bed all the jokers continuing the myth of “back in the day cars were built with all metal so they didn’t crumple like todays garbage”

  18. John Smith Avatar

    Old car didn't have an engine?

  19. Cary Lee Pierce Avatar

    Is the engine removed from the 59? If it was that isn’t really a fair assessment.

  20. Andrew Gordon Avatar

    Tucker built his cars with crumble zones in 1948 but the rest of the auto industry wouldn't follow suit for decades later. I think they sabotaged him so they wouldn't have to compete against his cars.

  21. Dalter L S Avatar

    Que se danem os passageiros, tem que salvar o carro. Vou deixar de rodar com um Bel Air só porque não é seguro? O que adianta ter um Malibu moderno e ficar olhando o celular? O maior defeito dos carros sempre está atrás do volante.

  22. Joel Torres Avatar

    Im surprised because the old fashioned car should've survives because back in the day old fashioned cars where made of metal

  23. Luan Loud Avatar

    My uncle Johnny haves a 1966 chevrolet impala and my uncle Tommy haves a 1970 oldsmobile delta 88

  24. Inkyu Basu Avatar

    It is so sad seeing a classic like this destroyed

  25. w l Avatar

    Why cant they use a junked unrestored bel air for this? Its such a waste.

  26. Strange Silverware Avatar

    I thought only the crash test dummies were the ones without brains.

  27. John Avatar

    Ah, yes. The good old days.

  28. PhantomEagle Avatar

    It should be a straight up crime to destroy classic cars

  29. S9 Avatar

    Chill people, it’s a 4-door Bel-Air

  30. Jester Avatar

    Hydrogen B0mb vs Coughing baby

  31. C D Avatar

    Id still much rather drive the bel air instead of any of the new junk we have now a days. Part of why i save the classic stuff and use the shit from 2000 and newer for demolition derbies.

  32. mØØse_25 Avatar

    As a classic car lover, why?

  33. Tattyshoes Shigure Avatar

    Noo… to see a classic Chevy wrecked like that is heartbreaking – wholly unnecessary too

  34. Enid Bahar Avatar

    🌠 I’m feeling like I’ve discovered a shooting star of insight! 🌠

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