100k Mile Service Ram 1500 Truck 4th Gen 2008-18 – A Deep Dive into the World of Auto Upkeep Guidelines

100k Mile Service Ram 1500 Truck 4th Gen 2008-18

On this submit, we’re delving deep into the world of 100k Mile Service Ram 1500 Truck 4th Gen 2008-18 as we offer you beneficial insights, professional evaluation, and way more on Auto Upkeep Guidelines.

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Are you questioning what routine Upkeep your 4th gen Ram truck wants at 100,000 miles? Take a look at this video, the place Len guides you thru all of the factors it’s best to examine, and issues that must be modified, and must be modified on the 100k mile interval. Len covers checking all of the fluids, checking put on objects, and issues that must be changed regardless, just like the spark plugs. Test it out!

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    Save Money

  2. Bryon The Lyon Avatar

    Anyone know where the fuel filter water separator is on a 2016 Ram 1500 5.7 liter?

  3. Kevin Terry Avatar

    Excellent and informative video. Concise information without the fluff. I'll be using this guide for my 2021 Ram. Keep up the excellent work!

  4. Byron Croyle Avatar

    I have a 2014 dodge ram 1500 that doesn't have any power i have 136k miles

  5. Char Grams Avatar

    NO TRANSMISSION DIP STICK ON 2013 and up 3.6!

  6. Tyler Durden Avatar

    Every 10,000 miles, change your exhaust manifold bolts. They seem to break frequently. A design flaw that Chrysler has yet to address.

  7. Michael Hernandez Avatar

    Do you have to use iridium if your truck won't make it 100k miles ?

  8. Kokkolino 11 Avatar

    Question! Does it have any greasing points? This specific truck?

  9. Akhenaten Hotep Amun Avatar

    Are there any grease points on the manufacturer upper control arms or anywhere on the front of the vehicle? I'm getting a squeak and thought it was the struts, then maybe control arm, but it may be the sway bar. It's only with up/down movement.

  10. Reagan Hughes Avatar

    2010 Hemi 4×4 Ram 1500 with 260,000 miles

    Water pump, front wheel bearings, PCV valve, religious oil changes, INSTALL A CABIN AIR FILTER, trans service (MUST USE OEM FLUIDS)

    Never replaced the alt, starter, fuel pump went out at 250,000, rear suspension bushings went out at 230,000

  11. JIM ECKENRODE Avatar

    I watched this video to find out where the fuel filter is and you did not even mention it.

  12. Leyjusttruckin880 Avatar

    2016 Ram 1500 with 79,000 miles. Has the 8 speed transmission and doesn’t have the trans dipstick… wish it did so I could check it.
    Side note, why did Dodge not think it was a good idea to have a cab air filter on my model? Had to add my own with and aftermarket kit.

  13. Brady W Scriber Avatar

    My check engine light is on. It is a P0740; something about the torque converter In transmission What do you recommend? Can anyone help?

    Brady Scriber

  14. Bobby Young Avatar

    Rear differential should be filled to the line on my 2010 Dodge Ram… it has a mark…Filling it up to the bottom of the opening will be overfull and cause the rear seals to leak at the wheels. Change all u joints at 100k with greaseable u joints ZERKS.

  15. The Don Ramirez Avatar

    I picked up a 2020 Ram 1500 Classic SLT with 68k miles about to hit 72k and going to change the oil now to keep it strong! So far so good 🙌🏽 came from a 2013 bmw and it was a nightmare learned my lesson tho 💀🤣

  16. TheGiant Vegan Avatar

    Great video, quick question. Is there no power steering reservoir? I’m gearing allot of squeaking when I turn my wheels. Trying to figure it out. Thanks!

  17. Vick. Avatar

    Why never anything on the rear end?

  18. Ángel Colín Avatar

    Can you do a Honda Accord 10th gen common issues

  19. Mike Shehadeh Avatar

    Thank you so much man you are so fucking amazing

  20. toofine9 Avatar

    i question a mans manhood when he rolls his wrist a lot

  21. BuyThis&That Avatar

    Lol nice just got one today and you’re video is giving me what I was looking for ty

  22. skka08 Avatar

    Thank you for the video. its very helpful. I'm thinking of purchasing a 2012 ST 4×4. It has 129k miles on it. No accidents per carfax report. Oil has been changed regularly along with the air filter when needed. Struts replaced at 90k, tranny flushed at 93k, and plugs replaced at 110k. Is there anything else I should look for or be concerned about? I'm a first time truck/RAM owner. Any help or advice from anyone would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks again…

  23. Vick. Avatar

    You forgot the whole rear end bushings and suspension! Why does everyone forget about the rear end of the vehicles ? Many of your front end issues are caused by poor maintenance to the rear of the vehicles! At this point you should recommend all bushings on the vehicle be replaced, come on man you’ve got to step up your game parts fitter.

  24. Joy Satterfield Avatar

    Very concise and to the point!! Helps me a whole lot!! Thank you so much!! You the 💣bomb!! GREAT 👍JOB!!

  25. e c Avatar

    Awesome rundown. Just hit 100k not too long ago. Gonna tackle this on my next set of days off along with a few minor issues

  26. Smiley Avatar

    Honest question I got a 2016 Ram 1500 and I dont know if it ever got its transmission serviced at 60 000k and it was at 89k…..now it's 95k. Would it be bad to change it still? I'm always nervous to change fluid or touch a transmission

  27. Ronald Smith Avatar

    Excellent, very well done!

  28. FamilyMatters2015 Avatar

    Seriously with the veerickle…..

  29. Steve Lusk Avatar

    I didn't see anything about a gas filter.

  30. XJordanx89 Avatar

    Purchased a 2019 Ram 1500 2 months ago at 37k miles so this video helped a lot.

  31. Mike Mike Avatar

    What year and engine is the safest for me to get in gas engine i pull a trailer sometimes around 7500 pounds

  32. Ryan Coleman Avatar

    Can we get a video replacing the motor mounts in a 3rd gen Ram? Please!

  33. Roger Jones Avatar

    I love this guy you're taking your time explaining all items SUPERB JOB ! 👍

  34. Ricky Slatton Avatar

    How many miles does your 5.7 hemi have? Comment down 👇below.

  35. Gregory_The Watchman Avatar

    Thank you for the brief yet concise video! I just purchased a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 with 139K on it and will have a buddy of mine who's a great mechanic give it a thorough inspection. These pointers definitely help me in deciding what to possibly replace…especially the engine and tranny fluids.

  36. steven Avatar

    should have commented on the 8 speed sealed transmission

  37. Adam Avatar

    You guys have been so helpful! Thank you!

  38. Jesus Guardiola Avatar

    Got a question, I have a 2017 ram 1500 with a V6 gas engine and recently, there is a lot of vibration when I’m either accelerating or just holding the gas pedal to maintain speed. As soon as I release the gas pedal, it feels like the vibration intensifies for a few seconds and then it becomes a very smooth ride. What could that possibly be?

  39. Marvin Phillips Avatar

    If the TIPM goes bad can it cause all kind of lights to come one the dash and not allow the truck to crank

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